Trends Analytics Reports

Analyze the growth of any metric over time and uncover the hidden forces that drive performance.


Measure Product Performance with Trends

Reveal which features drive long-term success and revenue.

Your team spends resources to build, release and advertise new features. But, do you know how they perform over time?

Analyze feature usage and engagement with Trends reports. Dig deeper to analyze results by multiple dimensions such as location, subscription type, version and more. Always know which features drive long-term revenue and where you can improve.


Analyze Revenue Trajectory by Product, Package, Location and More

Know where your most important metric is going.

Trends Reports give you the ability to keep track of your key subscription metrics - from MRR to ARR to LTV.

Use behavioral cohorts to analyze by dozens of attributes including location, industry, product category or customer health score. Always know how revenue is trending and what's influencing it. 


Monitor Bugs and Errors in Real-time

Know where and when users experience issues to proactively reach out and reduce churn.

It takes an average of 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience.

Trends Reports allow you to monitor bugs in real-time and proactively reach out to improve the experience and reduce churn. Set the time interval to hours, days, weeks or months to identify exactly when bugs occur and the impact on product performance.


Connect people with the data they need to drastically improve business results

Analysis fuels curiosity. Continue asking questions of your data to find the answers you need to make decisions, fast.

Types of questions you can answer with Trends Reports:

  • How is the MRR growth trending by vertical?
  • How many daily unique visitors are we getting?
  • How much revenue are we generating in Europe vs. the United States?
  • How are users engaging with the new product we've released?
  • What are my most popular article topics and categories?
  • Which advertising channels drive the most qualified signups?


Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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