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Import current and historical data from Salesforce to enrich profiles and send data back to create powerful workflows based on user actions.

About this integration

The Woopra + Salesforce integration is perfect for enriching your customer analytics by compiling the sales stages data. It also augments your CRM data with Woopra’s behavior data to supercharge your sales team with valuable information to help them close deals.

This integration uses a Data Loader connection, this means you can import historical data from Salesforce to ultimately analyze the customer journey across every stage in the marketing and sales funnel.

You can also use our People Export and Trigger features to feed Salesforce with quantitative and qualitative data such as intents, visit frequency and more. For example, you can enrich a contact with the most used feature, or the number of times that contact has logged in to your platform within a specific timeframe. This enables your sales team to prioritize product qualified leads over less engaged users.


Data Loader Connection
Data ImportData Import
Import Tasks
Data ExportData Export
3 Trigger Actions
Profile Report Export

Full insight into the customer journey.
No SQL required.

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